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Philip Cabezas

Fitness Enthusiast

Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Philip Cabezas
  • Date of Birth: 30, Oct 1987
  • Residence: USA - CALIFORNIA
  • Height: 5'9"


     Philip Cabezas has been a fitness enthusiast for over 10 years. Philip says “No matter what sport, how  you train, your life can improve positively through fitness”. Fitness has made him strong through trials such as overcoming Cancer, and becoming a better person to himself, and others. Over 10 years of training and observing he has found out that becoming an athlete takes dedication, hard-work, and good nutrition. According to him it's also a good habit to change training protocols so the body does not get used to the same training environment. 

     In the year of 2008 Philip was devastated to know he was a victim of Cancer. His busy life came to a halt. It was very challenging times, as he was attending community college with about 12 units in coursework. With the help of loved ones, and much sacrifice Philp was able to move past this stage. He states that if it weren't for fitness, he would of given up.  It could be said that overcoming Cancer has made Philip more aware of his limited time on earth. In response to becoming a Cancer survivor Philip has dedicated to transform his body into an athletic machine in all ages of life, and encourage others to do the same. When Philip was young he was not aware that fitness is a lifestyle. It takes more than going to the gym in order to get results. It takes nutrition, persistence, and a strong mindset to be a athlete. Not every day is going to be a great day, and it is essential to have extra grit when life events get tough. As Philip accumulated additional years training he quickly understood that nutrition is just important as training. Eating the right types of nutrients, in the right amounts, and at the right time. “Fitness is like a limestone, it just keeps us nice and sharp” states Philip, this is the reason he continues on his fitness journey.

     Philip Cabezas has endured many hardships and overcame them slowly, one day at a time. Born and raised by easy going parents, he is the oldest of three sons. His calm life was shaken, very suddenly, in 2008; when he fought his first bout of Cancer. It changed his life and mindset completely. 


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