10 Traits to Prove You’ve Been Bitten By the Fitness Bug


Fitness is a lifestyle, and it is a change that happens to you over time. Some big changes include changing your schedule, hanging out with different friends, and keeping up with different trends. You become more aware of your body, more importantly; you take control of your diet and are more aware of what you consume.  If you have just started training or are getting back into it, the following are traits prove that you have been bitten by the fitness bug. 


 10. You Make New Friends


Workout friends

 Walking into the gym, the gym associates greet you by name. If this has ever happened to you, then you then the fitness bug has bitten you hard enough for you to hang out at the gym so much that the staff notices you. While minding your own business during your training session, other gym members ask how your day is going or pick up on the conversations from the day before.   

9. People Compliment Your Change


Compliments for new body.

Family and friends compliment your change of physique. If you are getting compliments from people you see on a daily basis, the gym bug has stung you. This is a sign that the high number of training hours and diet change is paying off. It can be rewarding when you get compliments from your family and friends.


8. Family and Friends Know That You’re Probably At The Gym


Time to go to the gym.

When leaving your headquarters, family and friends know instinctively that you’re headed, most likely, to the gym.  Training usually happens at the same time week after week.  In addition, you might get asked by your co workers “Did you work out this morning?” or “Are you going to the gym after work?” When they ask these inquiring questions, invite them to join next time. LOL They’re just jealous about the change or are curious about how they can make a change for themselves.

7. Research Articles And Videos Related To Fitness


Fitness Research

 Take a moment and think about your browser history from the past few days. Many people don’t want to look at their browser history because it's mostly filled with YouTube videos on cats snuggling with dogs or the new video game that was released. However, if your browsing videos are articles related to fitness, supplements, and other gear that can make you better in your sport; Congratulations! You have been bitten by the Fitness Bug!


6. Taking Selfies At The Gym

Selfies at the gym.

 Everyone has seen it. There you are, minding your own business; and then, you bust out the phone and take a selfie of your herculean muscles. This is a definite trait that the fitness bug in you wants to show off your newly acquired shaped hips or bicep pistols. 


5. Purchase Supplements & Training Apparel



In the past 2 months, did you purchase protein powder? Are you taking pre-workout drinks to help with your training? Have you upgraded the wife-beater sleeveless shirt to fitted apparel by name brands for extra comfort and dryness, just for the

gym? If so, it's obvious that you are interested in improving your overall health.  Investing money into your supplements and training apparel is one of the easiest ways to improve your motivation.

4. Take Self Hygiene to a New Level


Take care of your apperance.

 Looking good is more than just having the biggest muscles or the most curves! One can have washboards abs, however; if they smells like a donkey’s rear end, no one would want to come close. Taking hygiene more seriously is understanding that we are better than our old selves. Now that you are rocking a new body, you have to make it a constant effort to shave, clean your nails, and just look good in every way possible!  


3. Read Labels at Grocery Store 

Food labes for fitness enthusiast.

There are two types of people that go to the grocery store; those who read the labels and those who don’t. Where do you fall under? If you read the labels of food to see how much protein, carbs, sugar, sodium, and etc. is in each item; Congratulations! You have been bitten by the fitness bug. Others just go by price and/or by the taste. Don’t let your taste buds or your wallet dictate your diet (It will not end well)! In addition, consuming broccoli and other vegetables is a definite trait that you have become a fitness enthusiast (high five).

2. Self Confidence Goes Up

Self Confidance

 Interacting with humans on a daily basis is part of life. Do you get nervous when meeting with others? How easy is it to start a conversation with a stranger? It's a known fact people who train consistently have more confidence in themselves and usually project it outwardly. Such behaviors include keeping your head up, greeting first, and striking up conversations. These are all just after-effects of the fitness bug bite.

1. Sleep About 7-8 Hours Everyday

Sleep 8 hours for complete recovery.

Remember those times when you stayed out with your friends all night, and then, you suddenly remembered that you had to be at work in 3 hours? Those days are gone once the fitness bug bites! The fit-minded individual will usually stay home and get ready for bed. They understand getting the right amount of sleep is a way their bodies can fully recover from their training sessions. Instead of having unpredictable nights of gaming or watching all the episodes of your favorite show, pack it in and turn off all electronics. Although this might make you feel old and unsociable, but fitness takes discipline and an average of 7-8 hours of sleep to fully recover.



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