What makes an Athlete Role Model

Role Models In Fitness & Sports

A role model is someone whose actions, success, or behavior can inspire others. In the world of fitness and sports; role models come from all backgrounds, but one thing they all have in common is the passion to continue mastering their field. When challenges arise many others will have thrown in the towel and given up. Athlete Role Models have a vision in their mind and they are going to accomplish it no matter what it takes. The road to victory is better than the prize itself. Athletes have come to appreciate challenges as a way for them to improve and not a setback. 

            Only the top percent of athletes become famous or make it to the big leagues. However, ARM finds athletes around our communities more inspiring. Their vision and their struggle for constant improvement make for a unique story that we love sharing with others.  Unlike what TV shows it takes time, patience, hard work, sweat, and money to continue growing in the sport you practice. Being the best athlete is more than just playing the part, it is a lifestyle that plays into every facet of their lives. 

 Athlete Role models can be bodybuilders, powerlifters, cyclist, or competitive swimmers. One thing they have in common is the willingness to train and be the best they can be. Athlete role models are always training hard no matter the day. In our opinion, these are the people that make us want to train harder, and become better.



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